Oculus Media - Captivating Marketing Strategies

Consulting Example

Tourism Business

1- Evaluated existing business and position in market-place.

• 30 Cabins
• Giftshop
• Restaurant
• Horseback Riding
• 600 Acres
• Herd of Buffalo

2- Evaluated their marketing exposure. Most of their business was coming from their existing web site.

3- We re-created the web site to make it more appealing and interactive with a western look. Chose colors and styles that harmonized with the surroundings.  The new web-design created by Oculus Media was selected as the best in the state of Utah for Tourism.

4- We created a corresponding brochure, business cards and postcards for distribution and placed print ads in appropriate publications.

5- We studied all the available marketing options and developed a campaign that fit the clients budget. Among other things, this included print advertising, internet marketing, working with tour operators and other travel professionals, public relations with travel writers, and an analysis of the effectiveness of their reservation agents.

Testimonial: In the past three years our business has grown at a remarkable rate of about 30% per year. Owners - Kevin & Stacy McLaws